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AAS concludes it’s second successful AIDA depth competition in Tulamben, Bali on 18 September 2019

2019 Singapore Depth Championships Medal winners – Back Row From Left: Bobby Kim, Patrick Names, Anna-marie Richardson, Allison Penovich, Komtanoo Pinpimai, Jung A Kim, Alejandro Lemus. Front Row From Left: Maria Antonia Vergara, Darja Tijoe.

Athletes from 13 cities gathered in Tulamben, Bali for the annual freediving competition organized by The Apnea Association of Singapore (AAS) from 16 – 19 September 2019. Many were returning athletes from AAS’s inaugural depth competition in 2018, including Singaporean Chua Shuyi, who had achieved for herself several national records in the CMAS World Championships in Roatan a month before.

With Julia Dominguez who operates Apnea Bali and her safety team on the diving platform, the athletes were in good hands during the 3 day depth competition, with dives going as deep as 92 meters.

A total of 12 new national records were set in this competition, a majority from the Constant Weight Bi Fins (CWTB) category. This included Muhammad Firdaus Bin Mohd Khair, who bested his previous national record for CWTB of 47m, adding 3m to bring the new record to 50m.

Other national records broken in this competition:

Alejandro Lemus, MEXICO – CWTB 91m
Daniel Hurst, AUSTRALIA – CWTB 83m
Jung A Kim, SOUTH KOREA – FIM 81m
Jeffry Nathaniel Salim, INDONESIA – CWTB 63m
Keerapat Laowakul, THAILAND – CWTB 51m
Surya Lecona Moctezuma, MEXICO – CWTB 57m
Maria Antonia Vergara, PANAMA – FIM 50m / CWTB 45m / CNF 35m
Walaipun Leethanachai, THAILAND – FIM 43m / CWTB 35m

Live streaming of the competition from the platform was also well received by the public, with support for the athletes coming from family and friends from all over the world.

For more of the highlights, results and access to media and live streaming, please visit our dedicated event page by clicking on the link here.

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