Executive Committee

The current Exco was elected in June 2019 and is driven to build on the foundations laid out by our founding members and previous executive committee.


Muhammad Firdaus
Freediving since 2017.

The world is a noisy place. Freediving is a sport where I can be alone. Away from the sounds and chaos of the world. No other sport puts you in such a quiet place like the depths of the ocean. Where you can only hear your heartbeat getting slower and slower. Till the point where you hear nothing. You feel yourself falling deeper and deeper, a feeling of transcendence until you know you can’t go deeper. Only to resurface minutes later with a community waiting for you to tell them that you are okay and to celebrate each dive no matter the outcome. The balance between self and community is why I freedive.


Afiza Affandi
Freediving since 2016.

Freediving is a great adventure into the Self and going through many versions of “I” – the Curious, Fearful, and finally the Observant Self. Through this activity, I have also gained a second family. I wish to keep on exploring what freediving has to offer.


Paola Seow
Freediving since 2017.

Freediving has showed me that our bodies and minds are capable of incredible things. Since the first day I learnt to hold my breath, I’ve been hooked on how rejuvenating and empowering this sport and the spirit behind it is. I’m in this committee to help strengthen and expand its roots in Singapore.


Shannon Chew
Freediving since 2015.

I have been studying freediving theory since 2013.
Freediving calms my mind and gives me happiness I have never felt before. Continuing with Freediving allows me to learn to have better control over my body and to believe that I can do more than what I think I can in every aspect of life.

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