Executive Committee

The current Exco was elected in December 2020 and is driven to build on the foundations laid out by our founding members and previous executive committee.


Afiza Affandi
Freediving since 2016

I started freediving out of curiousity. It took me 6 months to figure out what the “Frenzel manoeuvre” was all about. After overcoming all the initial roadblocks, I realised that I had barely scratched the surface. I knew then that this would be a long-term commitment. Through this activity, I have also found a sense of community and gained a second family.

I invite everyone to get curious and to explore the innate capabilities of the human mind and body through this sport, and discover what it has to offer for yourself.


Jacky Lam
Freediving since 2020

I’ve always had a fear of the deep blue and as such have never bring up the courage to face that fear. One day all that changed when I took a step to delve into the world of freediving. Through my journey of freediving, I’ve come to know myself better, physically and mentally. To be able to freedive truly enabled me to search within.


Judy Tan
Freediving since 2019.

Started free diving out of admiration for Guillaume Nery, and sustained by the love of feeling weightless in the water and the love of her free diving tribe. If you cannot find her on land doing nothing, she’s either playing UML (underwater netball) or underwater rugby. Horlicks and kaya toast is her catnip.


Dennis Lee
Freediving since 2017.

Whenever I get asked “why I love freediving?” The first word that comes to me is “sensations”, followed by “good vibes”. Our Singapore Freediving Community is growing fast and I love the positive and nurturing environment where people would share their expertise and help one another progress. This year I am the Club Treasurer for the Apnea Association of Singapore. I am also a judge and safety diver and have experience judging and safetying in pool competitions. I hope one day I can reach out to know 100% of the lovely freediving tribe or tribes in Singapore, both existing and to come.