The Apnea Association of Singapore (AAS) is the official AIDA* representative in Singapore. The AAS is also a member of the Singapore Underwater Federation (SUF) , National Sports Association for SportSG.

*AIDA, Association for the International Development of Apnea, is the the International Federation for Freediving.

Our Mission

A non-profit organisation, the AAS works towards creating a conducive platform for freedivers in Singapore to experience the sport both recreationally and competitively. Our objectives are:

  • The development of the sport of freediving in and around Singapore.
  • The organization of international meetings and competitions in and around Singapore.
  • The recognition and registration of records and achievements for the various disciplines of freediving.
  • The development and enhancement of media presence in Singapore.
  • The development of sponsorship opportunities for athletes, events and organizations.
  • Upholding of freediving safety standards

Our History

The AAS was founded in 2015, and became AIDA observer member in 2016, and AIDA National in 2017.